WiFi Support & Network setup

Network & WiFi Support For Printers, Scanners & Other Peripherals

NerdClinic Most agree that wireless networking represent the future of computer and Internet connectivity worldwide. Wi-Fi continues to be the pre-eminent technology for building general-purpose wireless networks.

NerdClinic certified technician can assist you set up and maintain wireless home networks (or local area business networks) using standard “Wi-Fi” networking technology and products like wireless access points, routers, and adapters as well as secure the private network from outside threats.

NerdClinic network technician will help you plan a secured Home Computer Network Designing a home network includes determining the location of your computers, printer(s) and other devices to connect as well as network equipment needs. Home networks can be built using cables, wireless technology, or a combination of both.

Network design considerations for computer networks cover a wide range of topics including layout, capacity planning, and security.

Network & WiFi Support


Take your NerdClinic network support to the next level


Most will tell you supporting networks today is about hardware,

when really network support personnel know it is truly about product software and how everything is connected.

Today you need to have more of a solution knowledge then product and how software affects connectivity.

Network & WiFi Support