Network & Wireless Network Support

Take your NerdClinic network support to the next level

Take your NerdClinic networking support to the next level. Most will tell you supporting networks today is about hardware, when really network support personnel know it is truly about product software and how everything is connected. Today you need to have more of a solution knowledge then product and how software affects connectivity.

NerdClinic Network support engineers ascertain user needs and system requirements in order to design, monitor, and maintain computer networks. Engineers may begin by gathering data on systems, routers, and other hardware, configure networks, remote access systems, computers, and periphery equipment including faxes, copiers, and scanners into one system (on a network). Once the system is running, engineers monitor system performance to ensure that demands are being met.

As your network support engineer we at NerdClinic could design, install and maintain the communications, file sharing and general IT resources used by you.

It’s our job at NerdClinic to ensure internal networks have the capacity to meet your demands. This can include making sure everyone can log onto the system without it crashing or making sure the network has the capacity to carry multimedia files (certain businesses, such as architects’ offices, rely on this in order to function efficiently.

NerdClinic network engineers are responsible for implementing, maintaining, supporting, developing and, in some cases designing communication networks.

The typical NerdClinic network support engineer daily tasks of a include:

  • Installing new software.
  • Help you with installing new hardware (file servers, printers, computer workstations, etc.).
  • Setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords (usually for Wifi and shared folders protection).
  • Overseeing security of all systems, especially the internet, and installing antivirus protection.
  • Fixing network faults.
  • Network maintenance.
  • Technical support for people using the network.
  • Training on new systems.
  • Planning future improvements, suggesting IT solutions to problems.
  • Firewall (install, run and secure the network).

Network & Wireless Network Support

NerdClinic Network & Wireless Network Support