November, 2014

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How to solve “Gmail SMTP Functionality Not Enabled” problem.


Gmail SMTP Functionality Not Enabled


Gmail SMTP Functionality Not Enabled

I ran into this issue yesterday when trying to add a new non-gmail address to my Gmail account:

You must send through SMTP servers when you send as However, this functionality is not available for your account. Please contact your domain administrator.

Try the following fix:

In google apps and under Gmail
Click Advanced settings
Under “Allow per-user outbound gateways” – Disable the checkbox and re-enable it again (or just enable it if it is initially disabled).
This should activate this setting although the downside of this is that it could take up to 24 hours to propagate in full
It should solve the error.


Please refer to link:

How to Backup and Restore Signatures in Outlook 2013


How to Backup and Restore Signatures in Outlook 2013


You’ve created several signatures that you use for various types of emails. Then, you get a new machine and have to set up Windows and all your programs again. However, you can easily preserve your signatures in Outlook and restore them to the new machine.

Signatures are not stored in the .pst file Outlook uses for email messages. They are stored in the following location:



There is an easy way to open this location from within Outlook. Click the File tab.


On the Account Information screen, click Options in the list of menu items on the left.


Click Mail in the list of menu items on the left side of the Outlook Options dialog box.


In the Compose messages section, press Ctrl while clicking on the Signatures button.


The Signatures folder opens in Windows Explorer. To backup your signatures, simply copy all the files in this folder to another location.


To restore your signatures, copy them from your backup location back into the C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftSignatures location. The next time you open Outlook, your saved signatures will be available. If you had signatures selected as default signatures for new emails and for replies and forwards, you’ll have to define those again.

NOTE: Each signature you create in Outlook exists in three formats: Plain Text (.txt), HTML (.htm), and Rich Text (.rtf). You need to backup all these formats for each signature.

Please refer to link:

Improved Google Tasks Panel

If you use google tasks alot and you have more than on “task account” on it you could use this link:

Here you could see all your tasks in different categories.

A mod by that name of (Improved) Google Tasks Panel extension that displays all lists with a larger default sized panel is also available (under Chrome store):
Does only one thing - it loads this page in a panel:

Nothing more, nothing less.