October, 2013

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Hexxeh Chromium OS Vanilla no connections available

Please refer to link:

It’s probably too late for your presentation, but this might help others.


You need to set your virtual network adapter to the “e1000” type by adding the line

ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000”
to your .vmx file. This file should be in the folder you get when decompressing Hexxeh’s Vanilla vmware .zip file. Open the”ChromeOS-Vanilla-<build number>-VMWare.vmx”¬†file with your favorite plain-text editor (Notepad will work) and add the line above to the end of the file. Save the .vmx file and try booting your VM again. You should then fine “Ethernet” in your network connection list within the ChromeOS setup.

NOTE: The above line should work for Fusion as well.


In order fix no connection available for Chromium OS Vanilla

1. Power down virtual machine.

2. browse to virtual machine folder.

3. Hold shit & Right click on your chrome virtual machine

4. Select Open with notepad

5. Scroll to the bottom of the text file and paste the following

ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000”

6. Save and exit notepad

This should fix your ethernet issue.


If this doesn’t work go back to virtual machine in notepad look for the following line

ethernet0.virtualDev = “vlance”

Delete that line and save notepad again. Make sure Virtual Machine network adapter is set to bridged not Nat. You can now login and have internet access.

Good Luck to all